Houston Tech Calendar

This is an on-going project that is still being built, there will be no public repository or access to one on GitHub. The technology stack will also change as its built out further.

Built with:

Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Express.js, Node.js, Supabase


The inspiration for this came from a woman named Alison Ostendorf. Her idea is to create a calendar for the Greater Houston area focusing on centralizing all events happening in the area. The Greater Houston area is quite large and has many events which are hard to keep track of or know all of.

What it does:

The project once completed will allow organizations to create accounts to post and host events while regular users will be able to track events and save them to their own personal calendars.

Challenges I've run into:

Challenges have included confining everything necessary and all its functionalities to a single page to encompass calendar, event details, and saved events. The UI/UX has been the trickiest to deal.

What's next:

Continuing the backend as well as minor tweaks on the frontend.