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This is an on-going project that is still being built, there will be no public repository or access to one on GitHub. The technology stack will also change as its built out further.

Built with:

Next.js, Node.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, OpenAI, Firebase


Flux was inspired by the desire to break language barriers and enhance language learning through AI technology, sparked by conversations with travelers, students, and language enthusiasts who struggle in foreign language environments.

What it does:

Flux is an AI-powered mobile app that identifies objects in pictures and translates their names into the user's chosen language, serving as a visual dictionary and language learning tool.

Challenges I've run into:

The team faced challenges in integrating Firebase with Next.js, perfecting features like streaming and object detection, and adapting to a tight deadline, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and quick problem-solving.

What's next:

Future plans include adding more languages, implementing features for storing words and images in a personal dictionary and gallery, and enhancing accessibility with Text to Speech.