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This is an on-going project that is still being built, there will be no public repository or access to one on GitHub. The technology stack will also change as its built out further.

Built with:

Python, C++, 3D printed parts, Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi, LiDar


This robot was inspired as a means to expand knowledge of both hardware and software in the realm of robotics and data science.

What it does:

The robot will use a machine learning model trained on LiDar data to determine the path it should follow optimally within a track.

Challenges I've run into:

One challenge I ran into was the amount of calibration and work placed into 3D printing all of the various parts (around 45-50 hours). I later found lasercutting is much quicker for certain aspects (my chassis). I also had to manage weight distribution and power requirements which were a little bit challenging due to the confined spaces presented on the chassis.

What's next:

Next is training the model while and tinkering with it until I'm satisfied followed by a potential version 3.